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Character evolution of batman comic series

When we were kids, like to read comics a lot. Kids at this generation, however, become so technology based that they are known to the all superheroes and characters in tablets, mobile and the other device instead of reading those from the comic book. Our time was the golden time. The comic book was come with full of picture where we didn’t have any problem to understand any character and the flow of the story. Even the kids who couldn’t read also understand the whole story line by seeing the picture. One of the most DC comic character of all time is Batman. It is the most popular character of all time. Though batman has no supernatural power, it has won the heart of the people through its wisdom, intelligence, courage and martial arts. Among many supernatural character batman has made a special impression in the people’s mind. Still people love the batman character of DC comic most. The character evolution of batman comic series can be divided into three ages. In every age, the batman has come in a new avatar. The three ages are golden age, silver age and the modern age. Here in this article I am discussing the character evolution of the batman comic series.

The golden age

The character batman was introduced in the golden age of the comics. The batman is an ordinary person named Bruce Wayne who was only four years old when his father and mother was killed by a snatcher. We saw the first appearance of the batman in DC comic #27. Bruce Wayne belongs to the high society of the Gotham city. His father’s name was Thomas Wayne and his mother was Martha Wayne. After their death Bruce Wayne swore to save the city from the criminals forever. Thus, he started taking training to develop his mental and physical ability. One day a bat flew from the window give him the idea of becoming a batman. And soon he become a threat and fear for every criminals in the Gotham city. The story of the golden age was continued in this way. 

The silver age

In the silver age, the batman married to Catwoman and become father of a daughter. In this age he discovered that his parent’s death was not an accident but a planned murder. So, in this age, his whole mission was to find out the killer of his parents.

The modern age

In the modern age, many characters of the batman has rebooted and the story was narrated in the different way. In the modern age the character of the batman was made in a most realistic way. It was darker and realistic than before.

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